Welcome Home

After what feels like months of waiting my yellow 5 inch gauge Maxitrak Planet arrived from the isle of Orkney by DPD, it was packed in a massive wooden box, see the below below of the unboxing.

@bananacastle Hello! 👋 I am Banana Castle a five inch gauge Maxitrak Planet owned by @Rich On Rails, my owner bought me second hand, I had a big journey all the way from Scotland to my new home, I cant wait to get a battery, Rich says I need a bench test first though. Follow along for more videos of my adventures. #loco #planet #modelrailway #modelrailways #maxitrak #diesel #battery ♬ original sound – bananacastle

Here are some pictures of the loco that I took a few days after I had it, due to the weather, I had to wait to get it outside.

Now all we need to do now is get a battery and do some cosmetic touch ups.

Let the adventures begin.

  • Published September 23, 2023
  • Category Banana Castle
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