The Battery

Banana Castle didn’t come shipped with a battery, this meant that we needed to get one, as we also didn’t have an instruction manual it was difficult to find what battery was required.
A quick email to Maxitrak however uncovered that an 038 battery would be sufficient, we just needed a 12v battery which would fit into the existing battery bay and have around 30-40ah so the existing bay was measured.
A trip to the local Halfords uncovered an array of batteries.
I found the one that was required, measured it and it would fit into the battery bay of Banana Castle without issue, so it was purchased, just under £60 for the battery, which isn’t all that bad really.
Popped it in the battery bay when I got back home to make sure that all was well.
The battery connection terminals from the loco are currently getting cleaned so we can’t connect it up just yet.
Stay tuned for a running test soon.
  • Published September 26, 2023
  • Category Banana Castle
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